Monday, August 20, 2012

Heineken Cube‘s Nick Schonberger recently asked you to, “Imagine being able to really fill a fridge with beer. No space lost.”

He asks the question as he introduces us to Heineken’s new “cube”; a brilliantly simple concept from the mind of designer Petit Romain of France that is so obvious you sort of have to ponder why it’s never been done before. The cube concept pitches several advantages that range from the economic, to the environmental. Quite simnply, a cubed bottle is easier to store for manufacture, more efficient to transport and finally, store in the fridge. By maximising spatial usage, there should be long term fuel economy gains that in turn minimise carbon footprint. This green cubed bottle really may be the greenest bottle ever.

So, it seems the only questions left are; ‘Does it look any good?’ and ‘Is it as easy to drink as from a typical bottle?’.

Well, we think it looks pretty awesome, and can’t wait to see a 12-pack stacked in our mini-fridge. But we’re not yet convinced that the ease of consumption is up there with the bottle. The model in the image below seems to be drinking just fine, but it’s much wider and – we’d assume – harder to grip. That said, we feel the comfort sacrifice is more than worth the benefits!

V-CUBE™ won a silver award in the "Other markets - Entertainment" category for the pioneering V-CUBE 2™ packaging in Pentawards, which is the first on-line global awards competition devoted entirely to packaging design.

Amongst the Pentawards winners this year were some of the most famous brands worldwide like Coca Cola, Jack Daniels, Davidoff and Heineken. The only other toy to have ever won an award prior to that was Pokemon (Silver - 2009).

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