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Rihanna - Where Have You Been (MV)


The term "douchebag" generally refers to a male with a certain combination of obnoxious characteristics related to attitude, social ineptitude, public behavior, or outward presentation.

Though the common douchebag thinks he is accepted by the people around him, most of his peers dislike him. He has an inflated sense of self-worth, compounded by a lack of social grace and self-awareness. He behaves inappropriately in public, yet is completely ignorant to how pathetic he appears to others.

He often talks about how cool, successful, and popular he is, yet never catches on to the fact that he comes across as a total loser. Nevertheless, he firmly believes that he is the smartest, most desirable, and most charming person in the room... and will try to bad-rep anyone who would threaten to expose this facade.

He fancies himself a ladies’ man, yet tends to be a joke to all but the most naive of women. He tries to portray himself as part of the in-crowd (a fashionista, an upwardly mobile professional, the life of the party, etc.) but only succeeds in his own mind.

To everyone else, he is an annoying and arrogant phony who comes across as a wannabe overcompensating for his insecurities. He tries to appear like the center of whatever group will tolerate him, but in reality, he is just a tag-along who mooches drinks, women, contacts, social standing, and other benefits from the group... while contributing nothing.

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将在阿里山过一夜的住宿 -- 阿里山高山青大饭店。 ^^

(暖氣開放時間: 11 月底 ~4 月底,下午 6:00~ 隔天上午6:00,
會因季節看日出時間不同而調整 )

定價:NT$ 5,800 【含稅及服務費】
優惠價:01/12/2012, 每間 NT$4,800

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可樂 - 意想不到的用途

可樂 - 意想不到的用途

可樂屬酸性,pH值為 2.30 – 2.40,這酸鹼值已經可以抑制大多數的微生物、可以溶解牙齒和骨頭,還有多種意想不到的清潔功能。

◆ 清潔各種你想不到的東西
1. 可用來清潔燒焦的鍋底。把可樂倒進去然後煮沸,就可以把鍋底燒焦去除。
2. 舊的毛巾浸泡在可樂裏面,可以變的更新。
3. 浸泡可樂可清洗舊錢幣。首飾放到可樂裡浸泡,再用牙刷清潔可重現光彩。
4. 把可樂倒入你的水壺放上一天。可清除水壺裏面的殘垢。
5. 把可樂倒入馬桶泡個兩三小時,裡面的酸性物質起作用,可以去除尿垢。
6. 用沾有可樂的毛巾擦拭,可去除鎖頭的生鏽。
7. 用錫紙沾上可樂,可清潔汽車電池端的腐蝕物或車頭保險桿的鐵銹。同樣,如果生鏽的釘子難以拆卸,倒上可樂等幾小時,就可順利除鏽拆卸。科學原理是內含的離子及酸性與氧化鐵產生化學反應,造成鐵鏽掉落。
8. 倒一罐可樂進洗衣機,加入洗衣粉,可以幫助去除衣物油漬。

◆ 詭異的用途
1. 在照片表面輕輕的刷一層可樂,然後快速弄乾,可讓新照片實現老照片的效果,尤其是黑白照片效果最好。
2. 染髮後若覺得顔色有點重,用可樂洗頭可讓顔色變淺一些。
3. 把可樂倒入一個廣口容器,放到有植物的地方還能充當殺蟲器。因爲可樂的甜味會吸引蟲子,跌落進來就難以活命了,不過似乎有點多此一舉,換成其他飲料也可以達成這個功能。