Thursday, June 21, 2012


Citroen Survolt Electric Sportscar

The Citroen Survolt concept is an all-electric, two-seater sports car that was unveiled at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show these days. Even though it’s not a beautiful car, it has a bold, aggressive design, which suits it very well.more info and images after the break...

This Citroen supercar measures 3.85 meters in length, 1.87 meters in width and 1.20 meters in height, resulting a sports car of compact dimensions. In the front side we see the Survolt has slim, horizontal headlights with LED-technology, and also we find the distinctive vehicle badge, placed above the oval-shaped grille, that incorporates the Citroen logo.

The rear side features elegant tail lights similar to the ones of the Revolte model, and a spoiler that emphasizes the sporty aspirations of this car. The exterior design gives the impression of agility and dynamism, but at the same time it looks stylish and luxurious.

A Citroen boot logo for windows..

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