Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Tarot~!!

Your Personality Motivator Card

Like your Astrological Sign, you have a Tarot Trump (Major Arcana) card that is assigned to you for life according to your birth date. This life card describes who you are to the outside world, your tendencies, personality type, potential, challenges, motivations, expectations, or how others may see you. We refer to it as your Personality Motivator Card (PMC).

(Upright) You're the type who does best, or feels most secure in a group setting, all working toward the same goal, or standing for the same principle. You have a knack for organization, delegation, or an appreciation for the ceremony, ritual, rules, or etiquette within the structure or institution, but when someone steps out of line, or doesn’t conform, an ugly or hypocritical side could emerge. Serving this higher calling might come without thought or conviction, or from a private ambition, and in an effort to maintain control, or to succeed, you could be overly rigid, intolerant, or judgmental. Feeling supported as part of a team or organization, whether you're the leader or a follower, brings a sense of satisfaction and pride, and your devotion to the group may border on the fanatical. 

(Reversed) You may thrive on controversy, breaking the rules, pushing the limits, refusing to be categorized, or standing on ceremony to serve another's power or ego. A free thinking spirit, or being a "person of the people," brings a sense of liberation and visions of equality, but someone eventually has to take the reins or form the plan, and this may be where you check out. Too much responsibility or structure can make you feel oppressed, patronized, or used, and if you attempt to lead the opposition against the "machine," or encourage independence, you are in danger of becoming the greatest hypocrite of all, or of inciting mob rule, or re-creating the very union of intolerance or malice you sought to overcome. Avoid scandal.


Your Annual Development Card

Your growth and development cards for the current year and your lifetime describe some of the positive and negative influences, possibilities, issues, or even people with whom you may come in contact, or that could have an effect on you throughout the course of each year. We call these your Annual Development Cards (ADCs).

(Upright) This year you may have the ability to see things from various points of view, or to consider what others think or want before making a decision or passing judgment, but your empathy could lead to issues with motivation, sincerity, or commitment. Being indecisive, overly agreeable, or unsure might come from not wanting to hurt other people's feelings, or from trying to please everyone, and you might act like a martyr or make sure that everyone else is aware of your sacrifices. Over the course of this year, you could have a tendency to worry too much about what other people think, pretend to be a "goody-goody," or be afraid to make waves, causing you to justify going along with the prescribed beliefs or behaviors in order to avoid having an opinion or taking responsibility for you choices. 

(Reversed) This year could find you unwilling to see another person's point of view, but you may also refuse to go along just because of what others might think, or, when unavoidable, cop an attitude, roll your eyes, turn, and smile. You may become quite opinionated, stubborn, and lack pretense, but thriving on confrontation, your ego could cause you to be inflexible, rigid, or lack the willingness to compromise, or sacrifice any ground. You'll want what you want, and may resort to false flattery, deceit, disguise, feigned empathy, or play the innocent to get your way. Compassion or developing communication skills can enable you to get what you desire without trickery, so this year, learn to stand up for what you believe in, and think for yourself. 


Your Life Lesson Card

Your Life Lesson Card (LLC) suggests possible opportunities, obstacles, challenges or influences that may repeat themselves or develop into patterns over the course of your lifetime. The lessons are often presented in phases or cycles at various levels of experience, and depending upon your faith, they can sometimes represent a purpose for this incarnation. View this card in relation to your PMC and ADCs in order to gain insight on how to best integrate these lessons into your life for maximum personal growth, happiness, or achievement.

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